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Businesses must be able to compete in today’s highly competitive market. They need to use the internet to communicate and chat with customers, as well as to access the huge e-commerce marketplace. Internet has endless opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, the challenges of managing risk and security online pose huge problems for corporates today. There are countermeasures that can and should be taken to address this issue. Read more now on usergorilla

Before diving into the many security concerns that surround Internet use, let’s first examine the most common definition of Internet Security.

Internet Security: How to define it

Internet security is defined as “the practice of protecting and maintaining private resources and information over the Internet.” (Internet Security). Internet security is essential to protect the trust of e-commerce clients and prevent the violation of privacy policies. This will help to preserve the company’s hard earned corporate image. The next section of this research assignment will discuss the topic at hand.

What is the point of discussing Internet Security? Scope of the Problem

Internet communication is used in corporate world to exchange information. People can communicate with one another and sell or buy products online using credit card. Internet sharing allows for confidential company data, as well as many other secrets, to be shared. This opens up security problems, as the “circuitous path” of information being exchanged is vulnerable to deception, unauthenticated interruption, and other security threats. Internet security is a growing concern for Internet users (Definitions on Internet Security). Internet security and risk management tips are important topics that should be addressed and highlighted to benefit both users and readers.

Security-related risks associated with Internet Use and Management Strategies

Internet is a great tool for improving corporate communication, information sharing, market effectiveness, and productivity (Paliouras). However, Internet usage has led to “security breaches that have known or undiscovered undesirable consequences. These include a compromised or hacker corporate network or reputation and expensive litigation. To prevent these organizational problems, the content of emails must be filter. (Paliouras).

Risk Management via Content Filtering

“Klezworm” and other viruses can also seriously damage your computer system. “Junk mail”, shopping online via the Internet, and visiting inappropriate sites at organizational cost increase security risks (Paliouras). This risk can be minimized by ensuring that employees do not use company Internet services for non-essential tasks. Emails are vital for business communication. “Content filtering” is the best way to reduce security risks. Advanced text analysis is required to stop users sending explicit sexual text, racial epithets, or sensitive information to unauthorised parties. Because most files contain special words and phrases, Lexical analysis can help reduce leakage of confidential information. “Keyword searching and inspection” and “advanced Image Analysis” are two other effective tools to reduce security risks from Internet use.

Information systems are crucial in this situation. Companies can prevent potentially dangerous and insecure attachments, as well as insecure attachments, from getting into and infecting computers by creating the right systems.

Information systems companies recommend a three-step approach that includes conceiving and constructing as well as consolidating to deal with security issues associated with Internet use (Internet security challenges). The company’s security awareness (Katos) is the most important factor in ensuring that Internet use can be protected. Electronically operating companies that value their clients’ trust will make every effort to protect their operations through security checks, secure systems, and well-planned security policies. Security risks are greatly reduced and reputation is improved. Firms are more likely to have the latest information technology and security awareness.


The above discussion shows that the Internet security and risk management are huge challenges for today’s corporate world. There are countermeasures that can and should be taken to address this issue. The long-term benefits of Information Systems will be the greatest for those computer organizations that use them and get the most from them. Information systems provide a wide range of security software that can be used to reduce Internet usage risk. If you have the right knowledge and are able to apply it quickly, managing Internet security risks will not be a difficult task. It is therefore essential to have a basic understanding of Information Systems Fundamentals in order to tackle Internet security problems. In order to develop “new defense mechanisms”, extensive research is required in the area of information systems.

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